2016 Toyota Sequoia vs 2016 GMC Yukon

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Among the most desirable and most sought after models of these SUVs are, among others, the brands Toyota, with its flagship Sequoia and GMC, with well-known model of the Yukon.

New Toyota Sequoia and  GMC Yukon will be the new models just continue the tradition of excellent SUVs and offer customers a variety of new designed details, as well as great improved security and communication systems.

2016 GMC Yukon SUV will be a road cruiser that will generously its top-equipped and comfortable cabin divided into three rows of seats with nine passengers, while the 2016 Toyota Sequioa present with the same environment, and three rows of seats for transport eight passengers.

2016 Toyota Sequoia vs GMC Yukon

Great demand for Full-size SUVs

We have to ask ourselves, why manufacturers has such interest for large SUVs? The answer is simple and logical: the market shows demand for these vehicles.

Statistics show that the demand for the SUVs is increasing. Their sales records had steady growth, year after year in the number of vehicles sold, so that all producers of SUV vehicles pays extra attention to this segment of the car market. Offer of SUV vehicles is really great, and there is very strong competition between brands.

All new models of SUVs eventually became a terrific choice for the increasing number of customers who demand the most of their vehicles, both in their quality of workmanship, as well as their functionality. SUVs are in the most cases the choice of customers who have more family members, customers who want to connect their camp on vacation, having them carry a big load, that can come out on an adventure beyond the paved roads, buyers who simply want a vehicle that can respond to all the demands of their new owners.

2016 Gmc Yukon interior
2016 Gmc Yukon interior
2016 Toyota Sequoia interior
2016 Toyota Sequoia interior

2016 Toyota Sequoia vs 2016 GMC Yukon  interior

Both models will have the best quality and most comfortable leather seats, the presence of many tastefully designed and built the details of aluminum and precious wood.

Passengers will be able to enjoy crystal clear audio sound system, the Bluetooth and Wireless connection, the filigree fine-tuned air conditioning systems of each row of seats in particular, their journey will faithfully follow the satellite-guided navigation systems, and all of these systems will be able to monitor and set over large premium Infotainment touch screen display.

Toyota Sequoia and GMC Yukon will feature numerous airbags which will take care of the security of its passengers, as well as a number of systems that will help the driver to safely drive his vehicle, such as front and rear camera for parking, ABS braking, systems for assistance when driving out of asphalt roads, systems that will be constantly present and assist the driver to safely arrive at his destination.

2016 Toyota Sequoia vs 2016 GMC Yukon engine

2016 Toyota Sequoia will be offered with great V8 petrol powerplant working volume of 4.7 L and 5.7 L, which will develop 282 BHP and 381 BHP, and broadcast power through automatic transmission with six gears.

2016 GMC Yukon will be presented with a V8 petrol engine, which will in its volume of 5.3 L developing 355 BHP, with the assistance of a six-speed automatic transmission, as well as glossy unit reserved for the top equipped model Yukon Denali, volume 6.2 L and power 420 BHP, with present automatic transmission with eight gears. As it stands in this comparison, GMC Yukon has in both cases more powerful engines. Also, when comparing both versions of engines, we notice an obvious difference in the cc engine. Of course, for the Americans engine volume does not mean much, even most prefer vehicles with large displacement engines.

Towing capacity is also not proportionate. In fact, if we compare the Yukon KL Denali with Sequoia, the result is even worse for Toyota. Namely, Sequoia towing is about 7400 pounds, while the GMC has entire towing of 8100 punds. All people for who is important traction will sooner opt for Yukon.

2016 gmc-yukon-engine
2016 Gmc Yukon engine
2016 Toyota Sequoia engine
2016 Toyota Sequoia engine


2016 Toyota Sequoia vs  GMC Yukon: price

Both models are expected on the market later this year, with a starting price of $ 45,000 for the 2016 model Toyota Sequioa and $ 48,000 for a 2016 GMC Yukon. So, when we compare prices, the price of the GMC Yukon is higher for $ 3,000. Although some will says that is only 5% of the value of cars, but this difference may decide when buyers make a decision for buying a new SUV. I would personally, in this case opted for a model with a more powerful engine. Therefore, according to all of the above in this article, I’d opted for the Yukon.

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