2016 Toyota Sequoia vs 2016 Honda Pilot

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Japanese car companies Toyota and Honda are struggling for decades in Japan and around the world for the larger share of the car market. We’re talking about two top automotive brand, which in all categories of vehicles have their models, who are trying their best to represent the company whose logo wear. Thus, in the category of SUVs both companies have their representatives, Sequoia models, in front of Toyota and the Pilot, a representative of Honda.

The company Honda has its first generation model Pilot unveiled in late 2002 under the name 2003 Honda Pilot, while the Toyota Sequoia is on the market since 2000. Models 2016 Toyota Sequioa and 2016 Honda Pilot will be presented to the global automotive market in late 2015. Both vehicles are, since its launch, the largest SUV models that are manufactured in the company Toyota and Honda company.

2016-Toyota-Sequoia vs Honda Pilot

Toyota Sequoia vs Honda Pilot: design

2016 Toyota Sequoia and the 2016 Honda Pilot will be models that will introduce the third generation of these vehicles, and comes with a lot of advanced features. A group of eight people will easily be able to be accommodated in three rows of shiny seats in both models 2016 Toyota Sequioa, and in models 2016 Honda Pilot.

If necessary, the Toyota Sequoia and the Honda Pilot will be able to respond to challenges such as the drawing of trailers or transport of heavy loads (2016 Toyota Sequoia is tow up to 7,400 lbs, 2016 Honda Pilot is tow up to 5,000 lbs), with the possibility of quick and easy folding seats, it will easily be able to adapt to the needs of its owner to transport items of different sizes, its favorable safety and entertainment systems will be able to offer passengers a great experience driving on asphalt and on numerous substrates off-road.

2016 Toyota Sequoia
2016 Toyota Sequoia
2016 Honda Pilot
2016 Honda Pilot

Toyota Sequoia vs Honda Pilot: trim levels

To comply with the wishes and needs of customers with different depth of the pocket, the company will present its new models with different levels of equipment, so the 2016 Honda Pilot have offered packs LX, EX, EX-L, Touring and Elite, 2016 Toyota Sequoia will offer a package called SR5, Limited and Platinum.

Toyota Sequoia vs Honda Pilot: price

Starting price model 2016 Honda Pilot LX with equipment package will be $ 30,000 while the best-equipped model Elite have a starting price of $ 46.500. 2016 Toyota Sequoia SR5 with equipment package will cost $ 45,000, and in the Platinum trim level will be sold at a price of $ 61.500. As we can see, the Honda Pilot is a lot cheaper than the Toyota Sequoia. So, if the money is an important issue for you, you will choose Honda Pilot.

2016 Toyota Sequoia interior
2016 Toyota Sequoia interior
2016 Honda Pilot interior
2016 Honda Pilot interior

Toyota Sequoia vs Honda Pilot: engine specs and mpg

2016 Honda Pilot will be offered with V6 petrol powerplant working volume of 3.5 L, which will deliver 280 BHP transmitted to the wheels through a unique automatic transmission with nine gears (with better packages and optional equipment).

Toyota will introduce two petrol engines working volume of 4.7 L (with 282 BHP) and strong unit volume of 5.7 L (with 381 BHP), with the support of a six-speed automatic transmission. When we compare engines of these two SUVs, we see that Seqoia is much stronger vehicle. So, all those who like strong vehicles will pick Toyota Seqoia.

Fuel consumption for models 2016 Toyota Sequoia will be 13/17 mpg (city / highway), while in the model 2016 Honda Pilot spending will be smaller, 19/26 mpg. In the segment of gas mileage Honda Pilot is much better. The parameters are relentless and Honda Pilot consumes much less fuel than the competitor.


The companies Toyota and Honda will provide an excellent warranty on its models Sequoia and Pilot, and the duration of three years or 36,000 miles traveled, with a great developed network of services and assistance on roads around the world.

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