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As announced, the 2017 Toyota Sequoia will be the representative of the third generation of this highly successful functional full-size SUV from the Japanese car companies Toyota. The previous two generations of the Sequoia were offered to customers in markets around the world with two trim levels, Toyota Sequoia SR5 and Toyota Sequoia Limited, while the third generation will be enriched with a superb package of accessories called Platinum.

2017 Toyota-Sequoia-limited review
2017 Toyota Sequoia Limited package

Today we talk about the middle package of accessories and what it will offer to its future owners. A list of primary and additional equipment includes a large number of great elements to their future owners provide a responsive driving experience. In the cabin of this vehicle will be able to comfortably in three rows of seats to accommodate 8 adult passengers, who will nevertheless have behind the first row of seats at their disposal and the large 120.1 cu. ft. space for luggage and cargo, with a system of easily the seats are folded. The second and third row seats are split 60/40, so as to further facilitate the placement of the load. For skis, surf board, owners will have access to a spacious and functional roof rack.

2017 Toyota Sequoia limited engine
2017 Toyota Sequoia Limited powertrain

2017 Toyota Sequoia will have a glossy tow up to 7,400 lbs, which is great for those who use their vehicles for the transport of trailers and heavy cargo. When drawing of trailers, often a rocking trailer by wind – that is offered Trailer – Sway Control System (TSC) who takes care of the stability of the trailer. For the transportation of heavy loads in hilly terrain, new Sequoia will have a TOW / HAUL mode assists to correct choice of transmission speed make best use of engine power and ensure that the cargo arrives at its destination.

2017 Toyota-Sequoia limited release-date
2017 Toyota Sequoia Limited interior

The first and second row of seats will have a separate air conditioning system, so that the passengers can choose the optimum temperature that will make their trip more enjoyable. Passengers in the cabin will be able to enjoy the splendid electronically controlled power moon roof and will be always at your disposal two power outlets, that will always come in handy for the purpose of charging a mobile phone, for additional light or any other 12V device.

2017-Toyota-Sequoia limited Interior
2017 Toyota Sequoia Limited options

2017 Toyota Sequoia Limited will be equipped with great Entune Premium Audio System with 14 high-quality JBL speakers and a built-in navigation and App Suite (which includes Destination Search, iHear Radio, Yelp, Pandora and other applications).
The vehicle will run a powerful drive unit working volume of 5.7 L, which will deliver around 381 BHP transmitted to the wheels via the new automatic six-speed transmission – with such a powerful engine and all the electronics that cares for ideal power transmission to the wheels, for 2017 Toyota Sequoia will not be an obstacle on the road and off.
All models of vehicles 2017 Toyota Sequoia will be equipped with the Star Safety System, which includes the presence of Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TRAC), Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA) and Smart Stop Technology (SST).

The driver will have the ability to override the indicator of air pressure in the tires constantly monitor their condition. Passengers will be protected with a number of air bags for both front-row seats, and for the second line – the passengers on the first row of seats will be protected and knee airbags, and for all the passengers concerned and the curtain aside.

Toyota Sequoia Limited vs SR5

Many people will ask what is the main difference between Toyota Sequoia Limited and SR5? The first fact is that the fuel consumption is the same in this 2 trim levels. So, better trim level will generally have more luxury equipment. For example, Sequoia Limited will have 14 speakers, as opposed to SR5 which will had only the 8 speakers. Also, the seats and steering wheel will be covered with premium leather. The owner of the better model will have a power rear door too. The price difference of these two trim levels will be around $ 10,000.

2017 -toyota-sequoia-limited
2017 Toyota Sequoia Limited price

It is still early to talk about the price of this model. Official information, of course, are still lacking. However, the assumption is that the price of Limited trim level will be in the range from 54000 to 56000 dollars.  When all the good and bad things we take into account, this new Toyota Sequoia will be a great functional vehicle, whose purchase will decide many customers.

3 thoughts on “2017 Toyota Sequoia Limited

  1. I would like to see the limited have rear heated seats, larger navigation screen, turning signal that you just touch doesn’t go on full. Lane departure. I consider the limited the older person luxury SUV. Where as the platinum is younger with kids luxury.

  2. Dear Toyota,-
    Right now I’am Still used 2003 Sequoia Limited and everything still good like the mileage still 43,000 miles. I Still want to change with the new Seqouia limited 2017 or 2018. l like seqouia limited because the second row seat good for three people
    and Seqouia Platinum I like too but only Captains seat for second row seat.
    Did for 2018 Toyota Seqouia Limited I can get it before the end of December 2017?

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