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Toyota Sequoia redesign will include a brand new sleek design, it will be built on an entirely new platform, which will be the result of applying new stronger and lighter materials, and will only have a lower overall vehicle weight and, consequently, will have lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions of harmful exhaust gases. 2017 Toyota Sequoia is the result of the work of Japanese designers, and at first sight captivates with its appearance and dimensions. Toyota Sequoia, since its launch in the global market in 2000, represented the largest SUV, which appeared in the assembly line of Toyota. The same features full-size SUVs will have a new 2017 Toyota Sequoia.  One of the key elements to achieve success at the world market is the vehicle design. The design team for Toyota each of its model pays special attention, listening for reactions and desires of customers and ultimately offer the market a premium product, which by its appearance, quality becomes an object that the customer wants to have.

2017 toyota-sequoia redesign review

2017 Toyota Sequoia redesign – Exterior

Many fans of this vehicle constantly ask the question:”When will toyota sequoia be redesigned”?  The answer is simple: at the end of 2016. New Sequoia is designed so that it will be subject to lust, and both male and female part of the driving public, will not pose a vehicle is intended only macho men, but will also be the fairer sex is often found behind the wheel of this extremely functional vehicle. The vehicle will be its shiny simple sporty lines captivate passers and be a unique phenomenon on the roads. Designers have placed special attention to each part of the vehicle, both on the exterior and inside. The front of the vehicle 2017 Toyota Sequoia is adorned elegantly – sport LED light group, large opening for air entry and distinctive chrome proud Toyota logo. The sides of the vehicle is decorated with large alloy wheels and simple lines, which extend to the rear of the vehicle. Toyota Sequoia will be manufactured in three trim levels: the best of Platinum, Limited trim level and followed by basic SR5.

2017 Toyota Sequoia redesign price

2017 Toyota Sequoia redesign – Interior

The interior of the vehicle is equipped with a redesigned control panel for the driver and front passenger, with lots of electronics and tools that make driving more comfortable and safe, every part of cabin exudes quality and beauty. All passengers will have access to great seats, superior quality and comfort, so that all future owners have great experience in every driven mile.  We still have no video of interior of the new model, but you can look at the layout inside the model for 2015:

The interior of the 2017 Toyota Sequoia will be very carefully designed. The main criteria in the design will be the comfort of the passengers. This vehicle will be able to accept 8 adult passengers. The third-row seats will have enough ample room for adults. Air-conditioning system is designed to support the temperature control in the two zones. In this way, passengers in the first row of seats may have a temperature control independently controlled by the second and third rows of seats. engineers in Toyota were thinking even about the transport payload. So, it is possible to overturned the seats and increase the cargo volume.  As before, it will be possible to choose the interior color and matherial.  There will be available version with a black premium cloth. The other two combinations with cloth will be sand beige and graphite. Also will be offered two luxury versions with leather upholstery in 2 colors: beige and graphite.

2017 toyota-sequoia redesign interior

Toyota company and design of vehicles

Tradition and history of Toyota dating back to the twenties of the last century, when Sakichi Toyoda (1894-1952) back in 1926, founded Toyoda Automatic Loom Works Ltd. In 1935, the factory, which was not initially involved in the manufacture of cars, produced its first car. Kishiiro Toyoda, son of Sakichia, change the name of the company in the Toyota Motor Company.

For many years, the Japanese car company Toyota is the world leader in the quality of their vehicles and the number of vehicles produced, and leaves behind its two main market competitor, the American concern General Motors and the German Volkswagen Group. In recent years, the company recorded a fantastic Toyota sold nearly ten million vehicles per year. In order to reduce the cost of production of its vehicles, Toyota has built a company in Europe, its nine production plants (seven countries), there are 14 manufacturing plants in America, and the company plans to build a completely new factory in China and Mexico.

With all these dispositions, the company is under constant pressure and constantly strives to very strong competition in the automotive industry maintain its leading position in the world to provide our customers with high quality of its vehicles at competitive prices.

2017 Toyota Sequoia redesign interior

2017 Toyota Sequoia engine

Toyota Sequoia redesign will be available with 2 different engines. First, the V8 engine has a capacity of 4.7 liters. This engine will develops power of 282 hp. Another engine has a displacement of 5.7 liters and an output of 381 hp. Both engines are coupled with an 6-speed automatic transmission. It should be emphasized that periodically (at least annually) should be used fuel system cleaner.  With the use of fuel injector cleaners, your vehicle will have the best possible mpg and the engine will achieve the designed strength. Many ask the question: what will be maximum towing capacity of new Sequoia? The official information is still not available, but the assumption is that it will still be about 7,400 lb. If this data is compared with the Chevrolet Suburban towing capacity which is about 8000 ponds, we will see that it will still be behind the main competition.  It is still unknown whether Toyota will produce a hybrid version of Sequoia.

2017 toyota-sequoia redesign release date

2017 Toyota Sequoia important  accessories

Toyota will offer a lot of interesting necessary accessories. The most important accessories for new Sequoia will be:

Alloy wheel locks

I know you think that in your neighborhood nobody will steal wheels from Sequoia, but you never know where you leave your vehicle overnight. If you do not have this plugin, you can easily run out of all 4 wheels.

Toyota paint protection

This thin film has UV protection that will prevent various surface defects, but also prevent change of color of the vehicle. Paint protection is applied to the front of the vehicle and it’s invisible.

Remote engine starter

This accessory will allow you to prepare the vehicle for the ride before boarding the vehicle. In addition to switching engine, you can regulate the temperature inside the vehicle, which is especially important during the winter months.

Trailer ball and ball mount

If you want to pull a trailer, trailer ball and ball mount will be necessary. Of course, before you decide to install, you should synchronize towing capacity of Toyota Sequoia and trailer weight. You can choose from several sizes of ball. This 2 accessories will be offered for sale separately.


2017 Toyota Sequoia redesign price

The price of the new Toyota Sequoia 2017 will have a very broad range. In view of the six trim levels, Toyota Sequoia price range will be fairly large Cheapest will be Sequoia SR5 $ 45,000. The most expensive will be the Toyota Sequoia Platinum and the price will be around $ 65,000.

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    1. I was too. But, He’s also trying to get me to upgrade to a 2916 platinum from a 2914 limited. Maybe it’s a sales tactic?

  1. Mike is right the dealer I went to also told me it’s being discontinued. Really need clarity??? Would appreciate if you could check with your sources to confirm or deny.

  2. Mike, I checked my sources once more, and I guess you’re right. Apparently, it seems that will not be redesigning of Toyota Sequoia in 2017. When I get additional information for a few days, I will make a change in the text. Thanks for letting me pointed to a serious failure!!!

  3. What is the update on the 2017 Toyota? Discontinued or not ? some websites say new model for 2018 and even 2020

  4. I heard by the dealer here in Arizona that it will be discontinued and that Toyota will only offer the full size Land Cruser.

  5. If discontinued, I’ll be very disappointed and will switch to a different brand of vehicle after driving 5 Sequoias in a row. Bummer.

  6. I work for a local Toyota dealership. Checking Toyota’s inventory, the 2017 Sequoia is scheduled for production starting in October of 2016, so it’s not being discontinued. The 2017 model will look and be very similar to the 2016 model. The big redesign of the Sequoia is currently set for the 2018 model year. This is when you’ll see it move to the new platform, and will see very significant changes in both interior and exterior styling and with the drive train and features. No more detail yet, sorry!

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