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Toyota Sequoia is a great SUV produced under the emblem of the Japanese automobile giant Toyota company, and was created based on the Toyota Tundra. Toyota Sequoia is the light of day in the automotive market saw the September 28, 2000, titled 2001 Toyota Sequoia, so they came down the assembly line of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana, located in Princeton, in the US state of Indiana. The appearance of this model in a time of great popularity of large SUVs in North America, was a direct shot at the present models of competing manufacturers, such as the Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford Expedition and Nissan Armada.

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2017 Toyota Sequoia Gas Mileage

When we speak about Toyota Sequoia model, the first association is small mpg. Specifically, this SUV is headed by preserving the high tensile strength and high-capacity transmission of people and things. What is still a weak point of this car is high fuel consumption. The previous model of this vehicle had consumed 15 mpg combined. Due to the announced improvements, the redesigned version should have consumption of around 17 mpg. We are left to wait for the appearance of this model and to check whether the rumors that circulate on the Internet are true.

2017 sequoia interior

2017 Toyota Sequoia: the Development

Most of the features and parts of the Toyota Sequoia has taken over from its predecessor, the Toyota Tundra, this model in 2001 was nominated for the prestigious North American Truck of the Year, a powerful and big V8 engine was certified as ULEV (Ultra Low Emission Vehicle ).

The first generation of the Toyota Sequoia was available to customers with two trim levels, SR5 and Limited, with standard built-in system for vehicle stability VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) and versions with two-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

Small cosmetic changes to the appearance of the Toyota Sequoia are the first generation made in 2005, were presented to the new engines that have received VVT-i system auto-tune the intake and exhaust valves, the customer is offered a new automatic transmission with a five-speed transmission.

At the Los Angeles Auto Show, in 2007, the second-generation model called 2008 Toyota Sequoia, whose sales started in December of the same year.

Production of the second generation model continues today, with the presence of pretno said ULEV certification from the first generation, which goes with the main drive unit working volume of 4.7 L, the presence of many advanced technology that cares about the safety and comfort of passengers carried by this vehicle and equipment packages SR5 and Limited received a boost with the new premium package of accessories called Platinum.

Introducing the third generation of the Toyota Sequoia is planned for 2015, but no information about this move did not come out of the parent company.

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2017 Toyota Sequoia Powertrain

The third-generation Toyota Sequoia will be equipped with a proven powertrain, the smaller engine displacement of 4.7 L, larger engine capacity of 5.7 L. The smaller engine will develop a power of 282 BHP and through automatic transmission with a five-speed transmission will transfer power to the drive wheels, while the larger engine developing 381 BHP and an automatic transmission with six-speed transmission.
Also planned is a presentation of models with fuel-efficient powertrains, most likely proven engine displacement of 4.5 L.

2017 toyota-sequoia-engine

2017 Toyota Sequoia Release Date and Price

According to latest information, the 2017 Toyota Seqoia will be available in the market in July 2016, and the starting price will be between $ 45,000 and $ 55,000, depending on the package of equipment for which the customer chooses.

In any case, all customers will purchase the vehicle to get the real big SUV, which will be its appearance and all the built-in security system with all the extras which adds the driving comfort, represent excellent selection of vehicles.

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