2016-Toyota-Sequoia Platinum

  2017 Toyota Sequoia can boast with a good tow capacity. The current model 2016 Toyota Sequoia has a tow capacity of 7400 lbs. We can compare this value with other full-size SUV competitors, to see whether this is a good result. We have prepared a table with information that will be interesting to compare. In the table below we have listed towing capacity, fuel consumption and price for several similar SUV models.     Towing capacity of Full-size SUVs   From this table it is clear…Continue Reading “Toyota Sequoia Towing Capacity”

2017 toyota-sequoia redesign review

Toyota Sequoia redesign will include a brand new sleek design, it will be built on an entirely new platform, which will be the result of applying new stronger and lighter materials, and will only have a lower overall vehicle weight and, consequently, will have lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions of harmful exhaust gases. 2017 Toyota Sequoia is the result of the work of Japanese designers, and at first sight captivates with its appearance and dimensions. Toyota Sequoia, since its launch in the global market in 2000,…Continue Reading “2017 Toyota Sequoia Redesign”

2017 Toyota-Sequoia-limited review

As announced, the 2017 Toyota Sequoia will be the representative of the third generation of this highly successful functional full-size SUV from the Japanese car companies Toyota. The previous two generations of the Sequoia were offered to customers in markets around the world with two trim levels, Toyota Sequoia SR5 and Toyota Sequoia Limited, while the third generation will be enriched with a superb package of accessories called Platinum. 2017 Toyota Sequoia Limited package Today we talk about the middle package of accessories and what…Continue Reading “2017 Toyota Sequoia Limited”

2017 Toyota-Sequoia-platinum Design

Toyota Sequoia is the largest SUV vehicle that is so far out of the manufacturing plants of the biggest Japanese automakers Toyota. This new Sequoia will be offered with completely modified design, the vehicle will have a new body style and a new look inside cabin. The new model 2017 Toyota Sequoia will be built with a lot of new technological developments, which will take care of driving low spec vehicles and facilitate the driver to operate these large vehicles, improved systems for passenger safety…Continue Reading “2017 Toyota Sequoia Platinum”

2017 Toyota_sequoia white color

Toyota Sequoia is a great SUV produced under the emblem of the Japanese automobile giant Toyota company, and was created based on the Toyota Tundra. Toyota Sequoia is the light of day in the automotive market saw the September 28, 2000, titled 2001 Toyota Sequoia, so they came down the assembly line of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana, located in Princeton, in the US state of Indiana. The appearance of this model in a time of great popularity of large SUVs in North America, was a…Continue Reading “2017 Toyota Sequoia Release Date and Price”

2017 toyota-sequoia gas mileage

Toyota Sequoia is one of the many models that the company Toyota has produced since its inception back in 1926 and is the result of joint work of the aforementioned teams. 2017 Toyota Sequoia is a representative of the third generation of this model, which was first introduced in the market in 2000, largely promoted in all aspects in relation to the first and second generation. In this 2017 Toyota Sequoia Review you will find information about all important changes on this model. 2017 Toyota Sequoia redesign exterior…Continue Reading “2017 Toyota Sequoia Review”