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2017 Toyota Sequoia can boast with a good tow capacity. The current model 2016 Toyota Sequoia has a tow capacity of 7400 lbs. We can compare this value with other full-size SUV competitors, to see whether this is a good result. We have prepared a table with information that will be interesting to compare. In the table below we have listed towing capacity, fuel consumption and price for several similar SUV models.



Towing capacity of Full-size SUVs


SUVMPG (city / highway)PriceTow capacity (lbs)
Ford Expedition16 / 2243500.009200
Nissan Armada13 / 1944355.009000
GMC Yukon16 / 2347000.008500
Cadillac Escalade15 / 2273000.008300
Toyota Sequoia13 / 1744500.007400
Dodge Durango18 / 2530500.007400
Jeep Grand Cherokee13 / 1930000.007400

From this table it is clear that Toyota Sequoia parts the last three places in the category of full-size SUVs. The same result for towing have two other models: Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango. In caregory of fuel consumption, these models differ. Dodge Durango has a much better fuel consumption. On the other hand, the Toyota Sequoia has the far largest price which is 30% higher than the other two SUVs. Toyota Sequoia is produced since 2000. Models of the first generation had a smaller tow capacity of 6,500 lb. The second-generation of Sequoia began to be produced in 2008 and since then the maximum tow is 7400 lbs.

Toyota Sequoia towing capacity

What is tow capacity?

As stated in Wikipedia: “Towing is coupling two or more objects together so that they may be pulled by a designated power source or sources.” In this case towing source is Toyota Sequoia. Accordingly, towing capacity is the maximum value of weight that towing source can pull.

What factors determine the towing capacity?

Braked towing capacity

When someone tow, much things depends on the brake system of the towed trailer. Thus, there is significantly higher towing capacity when is towed vehicle that has its own braking system, which is usually connected to the braking system of the towing vehicle via the trailer cable. If the towed trailer does not have its own braking system, capacity is much smaller.

What that means in this case?

As is known, most modern Travel trailers have their own braking system and weight significantly less than 7400 lbs. For this reason, Toyota Sequoia can seamlessly towing RV like this.

On the other hand, if you want to tow a boat that does not have the support of its own braking system, you’ll be able to drag a reduced weight.

Unwritten rule of towing 80%

You should always take into account the number of passengers transported, as well as your personal belongings. Each passenger has a certain mass, which, when added up, it significantly reduces the permissible weight travel trailers. many referred to a well known 20% rule. According to this rule, you should make sure that the total weight of your vehicle, passengers, luggage and travel trailers does not exceed 80% of the declared towing capacity. For example, Toyota Sequoia has a tow capacity of 7400 lbs. 80% of that weight is 5920 lb. So, you should take care that the total mass of all elements not exceed 5920 lb.

Toyota Sequoia towing capacity – Installing WDH

A particular problem can be if you want to pull a heavier trailer. In this case, check the manual for your Toyota Sequoia. It is possible that you will be required mounting weight distributing hitch (abbreviated WDH). The function of WDH is that the weight og trailer is distributed around the frame of the vehicle. Also, Toyota Sequoia features Trailer-Sway Control (TSC). With TSC can be controlled dragging of the heavy loads better than ever.

Toyota Sequoia WDH

Towing capacity of other Toyota vehicles

Toyota has made an effort to make a whole range of vehicles that have a good towing capacity. According to brochures and manual instructions, Toyota Prius and Toyota Corolla are not designed for towing.  As you’ll see below, Toyota Sequoia towing capacity is on impressive 3rd place. The following table is an overview of towing for several Toyota models.

VehicleTow capacity (lbs)
Toyota Land Cruiser8100
Toyota Tundra8100
Toyota Sequoia7400
Toyota Tacoma6800
Toyota Highlander5000
Toyota Sienna3500
Toyota Rav41500

So, as we can see from this table, there are currently available even 7 Toyota vehicles that can be used for pulling trailers. That’s more than any other manufacturer offers in sales. It is obvious that Toyota has positioned itself very seriously in this segment of the market . It remains to be seen whether another manufacturers will offer such a large selection of heavy vehicles.

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  1. Towing capacity is one measure of a tow vehicle. The other is maximum tongue weight. The 2016 Sequoia maximum is 730 lbs. for the 2WD Limited. That’s barely higher than my 2004 4Runner with V8. With the 5.7L engine, it should be much higher. I guess the Sequoia just isn’t as tough as the competition.

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