4 Great Tips to Maintain Your Articulated Trucks

Buying an articulated truck is a great investment. But this investment doesn’t stop at that. You also need to spend money and time on your articulated truck maintenance so as to keep it in pristine condition.

Failure to provide the necessary maintenance to your articulated truck, the repairs and breakdowns will definitely catch up with you. Now that begs the question, how can you maintain your articulated truck on your construction site?

If all along you have been having a problem with maintaining your articulated truck, then worry not. Maintaining an articulated truck is as easy as being familiar with a commercial construction glossary. With the following tips, you can get started with the maintenance:

1.     Predict the Machine’s Lifespan

Whether you invested in a used or new articulated truck, you must make accurate predictions about the lifespan of your machine.

The machine’s lifespan depends on how you use it and the conditions it is subjected to every day. You might want to consider things such as site conditions, soil abrasiveness, and the use of axle locks, to name a few.

2.     Follow and Stick to the Maintenance Schedule

In addition to maintenance intervals, as advised by manufacturers, it is important to carry out lubrication duties every day. Auto-lube systems are more advantageous to make sure there is the lubrication of every expensive component.

Management systems made to check engine codes and track maintenance intervals may improve the maintenance process by minimizing guesswork.

Routine maintenance must as well include visual inspection of tires, structural members, and drive. You may also want to inspect for abnormal sounds and leaks.

3.     Plan Paths and Routes with Cargo in Mind

Usually, the location of materials and job site will determine the route or path your articulated truck will take as it carries loads around the worksite.

However, at times, paths might be changed, obstacles avoided, and flow direction altered. Although articulated trucks come with mobility, smart planning will help reduce wear on a machine.

Once you decide how articulated trucks will flow, look to reduce heavy inclines or sharp turns. This is especially true in directions where your articulated trucks are fully loaded.

4.     Keep Interiors in Good Shape

Regardless of how strong your trucks look on the exterior, the interior keeps you secure and warm. Properly maintained interiors will make you more comfortable on every project you do.

Consider throwing away trash, such as empty cans and bottles. This ensures the space will be free of clutter. Plus, fine dust particles may settle on the interiors of your truck, thus, affecting your respiratory health.

So consider deep cleaning the interior of your truck using a vacuum cleaner. It is advisable that this is done monthly and must be one of the priorities when it comes to your maintenance schedule.

In Summary!

You may do many things to prolong your articulated truck’s lifespan. This may include investing in quality parts for construction site conditions. It may include sticking to a maintenance schedule, keeping interiors in pristine condition, and planning routes/paths, to name a few.