5 Simple Ways to Make Your Vehicle Smell Delightful

Whether you stay downtown or in the charming countryside, you spend most of the time inside your car. As you use your car, at times, you tend to ignore its cleanliness.

Mostly, this results in bad smells and odors. However, the best part is that there are several ways to get rid of that moldy, musty smell of the cabin in your car without even spending a lot of cash. Some of these ways include:

1.     Fill Some Coffee Beans in a Sock

If you like the smell of the fresh-brewed coffee in the morning hours, keep this good scent lingering all day in your car by filling some coffee beans in a sock.

Tie the sock and place it under the driver’s seat. If you also have another sock, stick it at one of the back seats.

2.     Use Air Freshener

One of the common recommendations is hanging a car air freshener in your vehicle. Some products, such as vent clips, work much better compared to others and may last for a long time.

However, much like chewing gums cannot give you fresh breath in the long run, it serves as a perfect addition to your hygiene routine. This means air fresheners are a perfect addition to already fresh-smelling and clean car interiors.

3.     Clean the Trash

Cleaning the car trash is the first step to ensure your vehicle smells fresh. All you have to do is clean the trash out of the car. This includes removing:

  • Dirty cups
  • Wrappers
  • The garbage from the car

4.     Change Air Filters

Usually, you may forget and ignore how vital it is to change cabin air filters. If you are unsure of how to get air filters, check the manual booklet. This way, you will also know how to replace air filters and determine the recommended placement intervals.

Similar to air filters in the engine, filters at the cabin helps to filter out dust, mold, and pollen. If the car begins to smell, the odor will start circulating into your HVA system and even penetrate the paper air filters.

By changing the air filters regularly, you will avoid trapping bad odors, making your vehicle smell bad, especially when you turn on the heating system or air conditioner.

5.     Avoid Smoking and Eating in Your Car

Smoking and eating in your car may affect the fresh air coming from the windows. Smells tend to embed into your upholstery, of which, most of the time, they linger.

Smoking cigarettes can also leave traces of smell that tend to linger for a long time. So it is advisable to stop smoking in your car.

If you must drink, smoke, and eat in your car, you need to ensure they are sealed in spill-proof cups to avoid spillage and use air fresheners to get rid of embedded smoke smells.

In a Nutshell!

A perfect way to maintain the good, sweet smell of your cash is to avoid letting the garbage pile up. Although at times it’s unavoidable, considering some of these ways to make the smell of your delightful will have a big difference.