5 Tips for Finding an Affordable Car Shipping Company

At first glance, car shipping companies can seem expensive. When you’re moving, you want to be intentional about where you’re putting your money because a big move adds up a ton of expenses. Here are some suggestions for you to help you figure out how to find an affordable car shipping company.

Compare Quotes

You can’t just google and pick the first company that comes up because you might not get the best rates. Instead, you want to request quotes from different companies, so you can compare them. Every company will weigh things differently, so you want to get at least three to five quotes for you to look at.

Once you get the quotes, go through the offer line by line. You want to know exactly what you’re paying for. By doing so, you’ll see if you’re paying more than you should for reputable carriers. Don’t forget to ask about certifications so you know that your money is going towards a vetted company and driver.

Compare Insurance Policies

Once you have your quotes, ask each company for a copy of their policies. You need to know what insurance coverage is included, claims procedures, and what you can expect during shipment. Check for GPS tracking as standard or what you need to do to track your shipment.

Remember to also ask about any other insurance coverage available for purchase or if the company does anything to help with deductibles. Like Sherpa Auto Transport, some companies have a price guarantee that lets you know there won’t be any unexpected expenses on the backend of delivery.

Other companies, like Montway Auto Transport, have excellent options to include expedited shipping and guaranteed pickup dates. The company also has thousands of carriers, so you won’t likely have to wait long to get your shipment on the road.

Ask About Discounts

Many car shipping companies have various discounts. To cut the costs down, make sure to ask about what is available. Also, inquire if any of the deals can be combined.

You can find a discount for just about everyone. Examples of discounts include early bird, senior, military, first responder, student, repeat shippers, multi-vehicle, seasonal, and route-based. There is a way for everyone to save and get the most affordable price from car shipping companies.

Inquire About Price Matching

It doesn’t happen all the time, but some companies may be willing to price match quotes to help you get the lowest price available. Not every company offers this as an option, so you’ll have to ask. Some companies don’t advertise this as an option, so you won’t know until you inquire.

AmeriFreight is one such company that is willing to match competitor prices if you find one that is lower than its offer. It will match legit bids, but there are some caveats. The company providing the lower quote must have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and have reviews comparable to stellar AmeriFreight reviews.

Consider Flexible Shipping Dates

To get the best rates for any company you reach out to, have flexible dates to work with. Flexible dates mean having a range of available shipping dates or being available during low-cost seasons like during the wintertime. If you’re willing to ship when prices are seasonally low, you’ll get better rates.

Other car shipping companies, like uShip, can also offer you some of the lowest rates if you’re willing to work with the driver’s schedule. On uShip, you can score amazing deals if you’re willing to wait for a trucker that has the extra space you need, and you can make their route work. You’d be astounded at what you can save.

A Few Final Thoughts on Finding an Affordable Car Shipping Company

If you take the time to find an affordable car shipping company, you’ll see some excellent deals come your way. Shop around to compare quotes and then compare insurance policies. Always ask about available discounts because you might not realize you qualify for them. Ask about price matching and have flexible shipping dates to get the lowest rates around.