Scooty driving tips for ladies

Scooty is one of the most flexible vehicles for women, especially for beginners. Scooty can be driven by any age people without hesitation. There are best scooty for ladies available in the market for trade. You can choose the best from that as per your wish and proper research. But after owning a scooty, you must-have skill to ride that. Even if you are well versed in riding, there might be something you are missing to follow. Here are some tips for ladies to drive scooty in an easy and safe manner.

Know your vehicle

Make sure to read the instructions in the user manual before taking up your ride, because each vehicle has unique features and specifications. And ensure to familiarize yourself about the part of the vehicle. Left brake is usually for the rear wheel and the right brake is for the front wheel. Know your mileage capacity before taking a long drive.

Safety tips

While riding a two-wheeler, you might often view some boards with caution; you must take that very seriously. Everyone wishes to have a safe ride but with the increasing rate of traffic, there are lots of chances to collide nowadays. Every year in India, above 1.4 million road accidents take place according to the report of NCRB. The terrible fact about this is about 50% of this is happening due to carelessness of the rider. You must ride giving utmost importance, because it not only protects you, it also protects the other person on the road. One of the best things to avoid road accidents is by following traffic rules.

Keep your vehicle safe

You might be well versed in riding vehicles but to get better experience your vehicle must be in a good condition for riding. To give your vehicle a long life span it is a must to maintain your vehicle frequently. The tire pressure is one of the most common issues which lead to road accidents. You have to check the uneven wear and tear on the tire. The air pressure can be checked using a pressure gauge. So servicing your vehicle which includes all of this is mandatory. Top 10 scooty in India recommends having maintenance often to have high performance. Ensure that your vehicle is physically fit before taking up your ride.

Avoid distractions

You have to be very careful while riding on your two-wheeler to have a safe ride. Especially women attires like sarees, dupattas, etc might distract you and even cause highly dangerous scenarios. Avoid listening to music, talking over call, handling children etc while riding to avoid collisions. In case of any emergency or if it is necessary then you can pull over your vehicle to the side of the road and carry on with your proceedings. In most countries picking up your phone while riding is prohibited.

Be careful with the weather condition

If you are riding on a highway then the weather really bothers you. Absolutely, you should be careful while riding in the foggy or rainy conditions. Try to ride at a slower pace than usual to avoid skids.

The above-mentioned details are some tips for women to follow while driving the scooty, make use of to have a safe ride.