Top 5 Tips for Buying Your First Electric Vehicle

Buying an EV (electric vehicle) might feel daunting, especially if you don’t know anything about the industry. However, there are many benefits of electric vehicles, including less maintenance, no oil changes, and lower refueling costs. You can also sleep well at night knowing you’re not contributing to vehicle pollutants.

While there are many benefits to buying an EV, you still have to make the right decision on whether the vehicle is suitable for you and which model you need to go for. To help you buy the right EV, here are tips from automotive pros:

1.     Take it out for a Test Drive

Driving your first EV takes time to get used to it. One of the first things you may notice is complete or total lack of noise. Every EV is equipped with a regenerative braking system that harvests energy lost as you try to slow down so when lifting off an accelerator, your EV may lose speed faster than normal cars. Most will let you adjust the regeneration amount, while others may enable you to turn it off. We’d advise not to do this. Instead, consider paying attention to the range of the computer.

2.     Consider the Home Charging Installation

Many EV owners charge their cars at home. With an electric car charging at home, you will simply plug your vehicle in until morning.

You may charge your car through a standard 110-volt outlet regarded as Level 1 charging but most EV owners are able to complete faster, Level 2 charging (with a 240-volt outlet) that may be found in the garage.

3.     Conduct a Range and Battery Check

When buying gas-powered cars, most people check the odometer. However, as far as EVs are concerned, the battery is more important.

It is always good to check your range ahead of time and make sure to give yourself enough time for charging, whether it’s at home or through a public charging station.

4.     Look at the Software Updates

Electric cars are usually equipped with advanced and powertrain technology, and many manufacturers improve their vehicles with the newest technologies by rolling out software updates.

Ensure you have a regular software update once you buy your first EV. Some manufacturers provide free improvement to software programs, while other charge car owners for those updates.

5.     Choose Between Used or New

The popularity of EVs is on the rise globally. This means you won’t have any problem buying new models. When you buy a new EV you get the advantage of the latest technology.

Similarly, you can make a good choice by purchasing used EVs. People ahead of the curve are trading up or trading in their used EVs – meaning there are many used and high-quality EVs you can buy. These also tend to be cheaper than purchasing a new model.

Speaking of cheaper vehicles, if you have children, surprise them with an electric car, such as cheap 24V kids ride on toys, they will surely enjoy it.

The Bottom Line!

Buying your first EV might seem very intimating. Electric cars have their unique features and can differ greatly compared to diesel or gasoline-fueled vehicles.

To start, used EVs can be a great choice but it would be best to research to make the right decision before buying any EV car.