What Are the Rules to Follow While Transporting Your Car All Across the Country?

It is certainly a very stressful activity to transport a car from one corner of the country to other. Only way out is that, you need to choose a right car shipping/transporting company, so that they can make the whole process easier and stress free for you.

Therefore, if you want to smoothly transport your car or cars to a different city or country then it is important that you must be aware about few things before you allow any transporter to pick your car.

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Following are few important things that you must know before you decide to send your car through such transport services.

  • Cost of transporting

You must not only know the cost of transporting your vehicle by obtaining quotation, but also understand the factor that decides the cost. Cost will depend upon following few factors:

  • Location

Based on the distance your cost of transportation will vary. Longer the distance cost will be more.

  • Demand

In certain location like California there are always a big rush. So, the price will also be higher whether it is from or to California. Besides during summer season too demand of this service increases, which will increase the cost.

  • Your car

If your car is exclusive or new then too cost will be higher.

  • Safety of your car

Safety of your car will depend upon the service quality of the transporter that you have selected.

  • What about insurance?

Almost all company will insure your car however their insurance will be based on amount of business that they are doing. If your car does not get completely insured with their insurance value then you will need additional insurance.

  • Few basic rules to follow

Although none of us ship our car on regular basis and hence may not be fully aware about various rules governing it. Following are few basic information that is very important to know before you ship your car.

  • Company

You must be fully aware about the company whom you have chosen for transporting your car. Read their review or contact BBB to know more about them.

  • Details

Provide right details about car to get right offer from them.

  • Communication

You must communicate with one designated person of the company throughout the process.

  • Cleaning of car

Make sure that you clean your car and remove all extra accessories and remove any personal items. Also take a picture before handing over the car.

  • Meet the driver

You must also meet the driver who will carry your car and also get his contact number too.

  • Safety

Do proper inspection while depositing the car and also while receiving the car.