Tips for Your First Car After Getting Your License

Finally getting your driving license after what often feels like an eternity of practice can be an incredibly exciting time – and even more exhilarating is going on the hunt for your perfect first car. But, of course, buying your first car after getting your license isn’t necessarily straightforward, and there is a lot you will need to consider as part of this.

So, with this in mind, today, we’re looking at some of the most important tips you should consider for your first car. Hopefully, this will help you make the most of the newfound freedom.

5 Key Tips When Buying Your First Car

Looking for your perfect first car? The following five tips will help!

#1 Get a Number Plate Check

You’ve got all the information you need – but verifying it is vital. After all, a cheap car may not necessarily be a good deal if it’s got a secret history of being in a crash or written off. Fortunately, a number plate check is easy to run, provided you have the car’s reg plate. Simply plug this number in and you’ll very quickly get a detailed history regarding your new car.

#2 Look for an Insurance-Friendly Vehicle

One of the most important first things to consider is your insurance plan. Indeed, as a new driver, your insurance cost can be a lot higher than normal. Thus, opting for a cheaper model of car with a more affordable premium could help save a lot of money down the line. Alternatively, don’t be afraid to take your first policy as a named driver instead.

#3 Check For Vehicles

Once you’ve found a vehicle type that might be affordable on insurance, you can begin searching for the ideal vehicle. Generally, most first-time drivers will choose a car that’s got more miles on the clock, as this helps cut the purchase price of the car.

#4 Ask for Details

When you find a stunning vehicle that matches your budget, make sure you ask for details relating to the car to help further your decision. Some key information you’ll need include the vehicle’s mileage and MOT history, as well as financing data for the car – after all, buying a car that’s second-hand comes with numerous challenges, and ensuring you know the main details is hugely important overall.

#5 Servicing

Once you have got your license and found your dream new car, make sure you’ve considered where to get servicing support to help. Regular servicing is crucial to keep your new-to-you car working efficiently, giving you potentially better returns overall.

Don’t Get Caught Out

Once you’ve found your perfect car, it’s easy to get swept away in the excitement of the moment. But this can naturally leave you at risk of getting scammed or ripped off – never a good situation to be in! Fortunately, today’s simple tips for your first car should have helped prepare you properly so you know where you stand and get a car that’s genuine. Remember to always carry out a reg check on your new vehicle, as it can protect you from purchasing a car with hidden history.